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            How do Omniverse credits work?

            On account creation, all new accounts receive 10,000 free credits. This is per account, not per Omni. Additionally, there is a five-day free period for each game, starting from the first time the game is played. During this period the game does not consume any credits. This also applies to any new games added to the platform.

            Here is some simple math to show you how credits are consumed:
            You purchase credits at the rate of $0.10 / credit.  

            We sell credits in packs of 30,000 and 60,000.  In the example, we will use a purchase of 60,000 credits and show how it translates into minutes / hours of usage.  

            Purchasing credits

            60,000 credits * $0.10 / credit = $600 

            Consuming credits

            All but 5 of the games on the Omniverse platform consume 1 credit per minute, or $0.10 / minute. 

            So at 1 credit / minute ... and if each credit is $0.10 ... in 1 hour the cost to play a credit consuming game is $6 / hr  ( $0.10 / minute * 60 minutes)   So 60,000 credits should be 100 hours of game play for all but 5 of games on the Omniverse platform. 

            Updated: 05 May 2018 04:26 AM
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